About Us



Greetings and a very warm welcome

Maraliana initiated with the passion of creating a brand that is luxurious, fashionable, unique, yet affordable. Every single piece crafted has been well thought of, designed to detailed perfection and most importantly with love.

My deep fascination for fashion has always been the main motive and inspiration which resulted in the creation of Maraliana. I chose to challenge not only my own limits but to go beyond the boundaries of the industry.

Therefore, we at Maraliana value and respect our clients’ individual style and desires, directing our full effort and attention towards the feedback of our customers. Customer service has always been a crucial point for me, thus a central value for Maraliana. Our goal and mission are to continuously offer artisanal products that underline the individual beauty of our customers combined with the elegant essence that Maraliana has to offer.

Maral Safari